The Occupations of Shell Island, pt 2

Check out part 1 before reading this one and then join me  in continuing the creation and development of my mind palace; picking up where I left off…


Then, I looked across (for I must have been moving about in my spirit animal and observation form: the ancient golden dragon; shifting and wavering easily through each expression of my Self). I saw the great lake in the island’s center beneath the twin mountains of gold: one volcanic, the other home to my golden castle with the garden courtyard and hidden sanctuary treasure horde. Upon the lake, Lyndee floated on the back of the giant manta ray that occupies this lake. She lay resting comfortably as one with her beloved, “pet”.

I, as Lyndee, sighed sadly. Trevel and Guinevere knew their occupations. They were happy with their offices and work upon the island. But, what did I do?

Then I heard Elohim speak the words,

“Balance the Books.”

I sat up with curiosity.

“What books? What did it mean to balance them?”

I saw myself led into the volcano. The center of this rumbly gold volcano was an open shaft. Above was open to the clear sky. Below there shimmered an open pool of liquid gold so pure it was crystal clear as water. When the gold rose up in eruption it “cooled” and thickened to explode and run down the outside edges as glittering molten gold like the color. Yet, now the volcano was dormant.

All around the open shaft there wound open walkways like a spiral staircase. At first there were railings or chain links slung across the open side of the helix pathway. But with my will and a wave of my hand, I discarded all the barriers. For thought they may have been in place to guard and keep safe from falling into the volcanic lava below those who might walk up the spiral path, to me (with my angelic-white-eagle wings), such barriers were only a hindrance. Now, I could fly freely up and down the open shaft, alighting where I will upon any level I choose, back and forth as I go.

Yet, the greatest wonder of this place was what was built and embedded into the walls of the volcano shaft, on the wall side of the open helix pathway.


Shelf upon shelf, filled with book upon book, wound in a seemingly endless spiral. As I took it all in, the dimensions shifted and wavered, bending the sides outward in a ripple that revealed expanses of books spreading far and wide, up and down, in the eternal double helix of the universes limitless form.


As Lyndee, I am charged with attending to the care and rotations of these books full of story. I light the candles that illuminate story that’s too long dwelt in darkness. I pull the shades down on, or snuff out the flame that shines too glaringly upon books who’ve been exposed too long.

I shift out and open upon special podiums those stories that need to be read aloud. And close, putting to bed, the weary tales who’ve been openly worked too much.

I don’t just dust the books, but work with the book spiders, covering the sleeping tales in snuggly blankets of web and gold dust, until they be roused again in another morning of their soul.

I AM THE LIBRARIAN OF ANTIQUITIES: Knowledge & Wisdom from Eternal Ages is before me to tend and watch over.

Later in my second vision, as Elohim joined me in the library, loving Creator pointed out the central podiums. In the mid-place of the library shaft, embracing a thick column, were a few highlighted podiums. The most prominent place was displayed with central importance and focus.

Elohim embraced me again and whispered with sweet love in my ear,

“Every book you see here -in all the Eternal Vast- is a story of how you have, do, and will touch the life of another soul directly. From below, the past interaction of your personal history, to the present mid-level connections, unto the higher helix of future moments of your life, work, and ministry. In every book is the story of how you connect with another soul, be that in word, deed, action, or creative expression. Every tale is how you touch all these lives!

I stood astonished, looking at all the influence Elohim pours through me to bless SO MANY LIVES!

I immediately called upon my dragon form. Trevel swam up through her oyster farm in the pure crystalline gold below. Guinevere flew in via an open cave, coming in from her orchards and wild, open-range zoo. Then the volcano shuddered as the dragon landed upon the open roof. Trevel flew up on her own purple and red dragon wings. With her speed and the combination of we three hovering in the center shaft, Trevel spoke what we all thought,

“It’s too small in here. Can we press the walls out further, please?”

~ Oh Elohim, expand me. For You are so great and glorious. Your omnipotent omniscience is so vast, I am not large enough to love or sing Your praises enough. Expand me, LORD. Fill me with more of Your love so I may have more love in me to offer back in adoration and praise of You! Amen & AMEN.

The great, golden dragon breathed in a long breath. Then, holding tight to the open roof with all four clawed paws, spreading her balancing tri-wings out wide; she burst forth her burning white rainbow flame breath. The purifying flames licked and ignited every shelf and every book, on every level. The whole place was consumed with fire breath; flames flickering and burning upon everyone and everything.

Yet, the fire breath of the Ancient Golden Dragon has no destructive effects. Rather, wherever the flames alight abundance explodes in place of destruction. The walls of the volcano shifted through dimensional barriers suddenly bursting wider in greater wealth, fuller richness, and deeper blessing. Every book and every story became a genuine blessing of seeming chaos to be restored in a deeper, wider, broader PEACE IN LOVE WITH JOY OF PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS AND THE SELF-DISCIPLINE TO REMAIN IN ONLY THESE POSITIVE ASPECTS, forever after, Amen & AMEN.

As the glimmer of flames settled down to an embedded glittering glow in the walls, Elohim gestured and moved me to investigate that prominent podium. The column had several open books upon it in various levels and positions. But, there was one most prominent place, encrusted in jewels and carved with intricate beauty. As I approached, I saw a life-book open upon it… it was the soul-story of the current focus on my heart.

SO MUCH BECAME CLEAR. This is why I am so often drawn to a singular person. This is why I have so much soul focus upon one or another, at a time. I recalled in the past, the books of other souls that have been open and then closed to return to their shelf from this prominent place. I remembered a time when the several books of a whole band and group of fellows occupied this place, and all the story and artwork that I’d added to their tale.

This current soul story was opened to a page half written upon. I picked up the pencil that lay beside it and purposely drew upon the pages. The image glowed beautifully, slightly above the page. And I saw that whatever I write directly upon the pages of each book is only a temporary image hovering over the page WAITING FOR PERMISSION to be absorbed into the free-will of another’s soul.

Some of the shades of my image slowly began seeping into the page. Yet, I waited to see if the full picture might be accepted. It hovered in contemplative stasis. I smiled and each of us (soul parts) blew a kiss upon the page: the faerie, the mermaid, the golden dragon, and the angel-eagle-winged, fulcrum woman.

We watched a moment longer in free grace, then turned to continue our service in living. We’ll see what happens in that book and in many others, as more choices are made beyond our reach in the independent autonomy of another free heart.

Amen & AMEN.

So, let it be and Make it so.



The Occupations of Shell Island, pt 1

On continuing the creation and development of my mind palace….

During a Reiki healing energy share evening and then a Christ centered worship house meeting  a day later, I had an extended vision that built upon itself in deeper revelation and clarity. I saw that the healing energies present with my non-church friends who practiced “alternate” healing methods, and the healing present in the church worship service were of the Same Source. This brought further confidence in my understanding of Elohim.

Our Mother-Father Creator reaches out to all humanity, in whatever manner of Faith you may seek the light. The Light is the Light and is the Light everywhere. Darkness seeps and shadows all places, too. WE are the archaeologists and explorers seeking out the treasures hidden all around us. Seek the Light of Love in all that you do. When you find yourself lost in a dark place, BE the Light, shining love and warmth all around you. If you cannot shine, for sometimes we loose our power, call out to the Word of Life, (often known by the name, Jesus) for he comes to Redeem us all in every moment of our living. Share this Holy Spirit of Light wherever you are. It matters not what name you give your light or your faith; only SHINE!

A Brief Explanation and Introduction

If this is the first time you’ve read of the multi-nature of my soul, welcome to complex me! I was once deeply shattered and broken in darkness, to the point of having three separate personas that fought within my soul. Yet, after much surrender to Higher Love and many moments of soaking in Divine Light, I have healed completely… though this looks different to what I expected. I still have multiple perspectives within, except instead of being separate and contending against each other, now it is more like a diamond with multiple facets.

Let me introduce you, quickly:

There is Lyndee: she is the Angel of Faithfulness and fulcrum around which all things gravitate. She is my Stander and balance bearer who functions with a rational, logical mind and less fluctuating emotion than the others.

There is Trevel: she is my passionate Mermaid, who was once a Siren while she forgot her magic in the Light. Having remembered her “mermaid magic,” she is now as a scuba-diver exploring emo-ocean depths of soul existence. She is my Runner (or swimmer) and her function is to express & explore the Freedom of spirit and soul living.

There is Guinevere: she is also known as Gwennie and is my youthful exuberance, wonder and delight in living. She is my Flyer and her function is to embrace the depth and length, breadth and height of power; found in Love and the purity of selflessness.

Then there is Gregga-Joy: she is my Collective who fuses all together and shifts through each perspective. She functions as the scribe and communicator of all things in Us.

 I am Love. I am Faithful. I am Freedom.

The fifth and final part of my soul is that spirit animal, the Ancient Golden Dragon. She is the observer of wisdom and breath of creative abundance. The fire she breathes only burns with grace and blessing and her Midas touch brings treasure to the simplest mundane expression of Life.

There is another dragon, a Great Black Dragon who came forth from within myself. His name is Trevelyon and he is the personification of the Trevel Story-verse in which I often write. As such, he is a separate being, birthed out of me, to grow and explore the worlds about us of his own volition. I look forward to watching what more he will bring.

You think I’m crazy? I am… though I am not insane. I am fully in my sane mind and I know this because I know what it feels like to be insane. But, I am crazy; as mad as a hatter, you might say, for the very best of us are.

Thus with introductions and explanations aside, here begins my vision:

This vision is a deeper understanding and glorious revelation of the OCCUPATIONS of each of my soul parts living on Shell Island; as I’ve named my Soul Mind Palace.


This revelation began with Trevel, in her newly redeemed form of a Restored One, remembering her mermaid magic. I, as Trevel, swam beneath the island and discovered a long forgotten oyster farm. Vast columns of oysters in all shapes and sizes sucked water in and out of their shells. The pastel blue colors of Caribbean clarity were beautiful in contrast to the greens of seaweed and ocean furs that swayed in soft gentleness. I swam closer and the oysters opened to greet my presence. Pearls of all sizes glimmered up and out of each shell. I smiled and instinctively lifted my hand to waver magic over each muscle, to enhance the patient and tender growth of each peal. That’ when I realized,

“I’m a Pearl Farmer!”

I looked about more and saw sunken ships, ruined buildings, and buried riches from multiple ages all withering, forgotten in the depths of this spirit and soul ocean. I began using my mermaid magic to locate and draw out the neglected wealth. I gathered it in, as a harvesting framer brings in the yield of her crops.


Trevel swims through the soul depths of the ocean, bringing in her tender love to gently call forth and grow the wealth of treasures laid below in the deeps.

Later in the second vision, I walked through the columns of my oyster farm with my beloved Elohim. Creator bid me gaze at the vast oyster fields. As I did, they expanded, or perhaps it was more my vision clarifying. I saw fields repeated over and over into a vast wilderness of pearl filled oyster columns. I stared in wonder.

Then my Elohim embraced me and whispered,

“Everyone of those pearls you see growing in an oyster began as an irritant. That irritant seed came from your tears. Every pearl you see and even those you cannot see… each one is from you tears of agony and anguish. SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM MAKING YOU!”

Oh, what wonder! That my Elohim’s love fills me with such beauty from ashes. Hallelujah, Amen!


Next, I rose above the waters beneath and about this mind palace, Shell Island, of mine. I saw Guinevere the faerie in her pure white dress and cathedral colored butterfly wings. The rainbows of her wings blurred together as she fluttered and hovered. The speed of her wings, out beating the humming bird, emanated the soft while glow that comes when all color is reflected together.

I, as Guinevere, flew and fluttered through the orchard by my lake. I joined and lead the bees as a Queen, fertilizing and blossoming the flowers. A white unicorn came out of the forest to greet me and all the Natural resources of the island: flora & fauna alike, all were mine to nourish and protect.


Guinevere uses her Faerie magic to embellish, restore, revive, and replenish all the natural growing world. The simple delight of loving, living in, and sharing with this natural world is the music that Gwennie dances along with.


And, here I pause to end Part One. Later I will add the second part that explores the occupation of Lyndee and the understanding of so much of the life that I have lived, loved, and shared in.

To be continued…

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The Girl Who Walked with Death.

Dear Reader,

This is my latest novelette, now available to purchase online. Yet here is the beginning laid out for you to read and enjoy as a teaser. Be warned, there are some highly controversial concepts sneaking about these pages. If you do find offense attacking your preconceived ideas, I ask that you take a deep breath and apply as much mercy and grace as you need to accept this fanciful tale as a holder of Truths… no matter how fictional the story itself may seem to be.

I seek only to offer blessings and an expansion of curious wonder in revelation. Be you blessed,

Gregga J. Johnn

The Girl Who Walked With Death. (click title to order your copy today)


In a small apartment simply furnished to suit a single woman in her early 40s, Charissa bustled about her bedroom, putting on shoes and a sweater, gathering her things to leave, listening into her phone. She paused at her walk-in closet to glance up the small side wall. It was hand painted with a climbing rose bush and several names listed on height measurements at varying levels.

Lifting her fingers to her lips, she reached her hand up to touch one name that was quite taller than her own height. It was a rough scrawl of the name Ken. Then touching her hand to her heart, she smiled.

Exiting the bedroom and walking down the hallway, Charissa spoke into the phone,

“I’m almost ready.” She listened to the reply with a grin.

But a notification dinged her phone, so she interjected,

“I’ll be there in a jiffy, k? See you then.”

Hanging up the call, Charissa glanced at the notification. Seeing the name on the email, she stilled suddenly and dropped to sit on the floor. Clicking the screen, she opened the message and read one short paragraph.

Glancing up at Ken’s name on the wall, she sighed and whispered,

“I’ve not heard from you in months. And this is your only reply?”

Struggling internally, she purposed to speak,

“I will be glad for you and bless you as you go.”

A final resignation to the truth let go a justification,

“At least you told me.”

The winded woman moved to carry on exiting her home. She turned to glance into the room one last time, pausing to blink watery eyes. Then taking a deep breath, Charissa closed the door resolutely.

Some hours later, Charissa re-entered alone in the dark. She dumped her keys in a dish on the doorway table, hung her bag on a hook, and moved to collapse onto the couch. Opening her phone, she read the short message from Ken, again.

“I want to thank you for saving my soul. You recognized the evil that haunted me and ripped apart its hold on me. I will be forever indebted to you. I want to tell you that I met a woman whose soul is aligned and meshed with mine. Her name is Trish and I love her. I know that this is not what you were hoping to read, but I won’t lie to you or anyone else. Your touch heals the haunted and drives evil away. Thank you, Charissa.”

Charissa finally let the tears fall. Curling up under a comfy blanket, she closed her eyes and entered the private sanctuary of her mind palace.

On a grassy field by a lake, Charissa sat with Jesus.

He spoke first,

“How’re you doing?”

She shrugged and pouted with a flat tone,

“You already know that.”

Jesus coaxed,

“Yes, but I like it when you talk to me about it.”

The scorned woman pushed her positivity,

“I’m grateful to have been able to love him as I did. Thank you.”

Jesus prophesied,

“She will teach him how to love, now that he’s able to love, again. Thank you for helping me heal him in that.”

Acknowledging her gift, the lonely woman smiled,

“It’s always my pleasure to love others with you.”

“I need you to tell him something for me, though.” Jesus pressed.

“Yes?” she accepted.

“He’s not to waste time arguing with her.” The Redeemer continued prophesying, “He needs to do everything he can to love her and live well with her.”

Agreeing to reach out to Ken a final time, Charissa muttered,

“Ok.” then began weeping quietly.

Jesus pulled her closer to him to comfort her as a movement of Light swirled slowly around them, embracing both in a rainbow hug.

Then the Savior of the world whispered sadly,

“He doesn’t have long with her.”

“What?” Charissa was sharply attentive.

Jesus continued,

“He is only going to get five years with Trish.”

Unsure of what else to say to such doom, Charissa simply replied,


Back in her apartment, Charissa stretched on her couch, breathed deeply, and opened her teary eyes. She moved to her computer at a writing desk by a big window. She began to type. The wind wavered through trees outside and the night deepened with pock marking stars. At the end of her writing, Charissa read her message aloud,

“Thank you, dear sir, for telling me. I wish you all the very best in love. You deserve it. I bless you and may all grace go with you…. I want to respect your wishes, but I must be about my Elohim’s business. I have a word for you that burns deeply and strong:

“~ Love your lady with all that you are. Do not waste time on arguments of pride and selfishness. Bend to your task at hand: to love and protect, cherish and make every effort to serve her in the way that Christ serves the church. Be a servant king, sacrificing all your life for the advancement and beautifying of your lady love. FOR YOUR TIME WITH HER IS SHORT! DO NOT WASTE A MOMENT.  Do not exhale a breath in selfish anger, nor resisting pride. Bend. Bend your stubborn heart to LOVE. For in doing so, you will receive much love; more than you can understand at this time.”

Breathing deeply with a final sigh, Charissa hit the send button and as the email disappeared she began to cry, again, wandering off to bed where her meditations took her to comfort.

There upon the Sanctuary island within her soul, Charissa sat in her grassy field by the lake, leaning against the chest of Jesus, his arms around her.

Trying to convince herself, Charissa acknowledged her own part in the breaking,

“He didn’t break my heart. I admit that. I broke it, myself. He never asked me to love him.”

Jesus assured her,

“No. I asked you to do that.”

The woman of love sighed,

“You ask that a lot.”

“All the time.” Jesus agreed.

Charissa admitted,

“I’m not really sure I’m loving the exact, perfect way you want me to.”

Jesus graciously smirked,

“Nobody’s perfect.”

Suddenly earnest, Charissa prayed,

“Thank you for your grace, covering over my… imperfections.”

“Always.” He responded with a snuggling squeeze.

“I hold no ill-will toward him. Strangely enough, I even hope the best for him. I genuinely hope he is happy.” Charissa thought aloud.

“That’s because you loved him truly.” Jesus agreed.

“But, it hurts so much.” Charissa faltered

“That’s because you loved him deeply.” Jesus swayed her in his arms gently.

Charissa let her heart cry in his embrace,

“I’m just so sad.”

Jesus paused a moment and kissed her head, brushing her hair with his hand. He whispered,

“You loved him purely.”

“Yet,” she was a little baffled in her sorrow, “he chose to love someone else, and not me.”

The Word of Life, Redeeming King Jesus, held her close and breathed with her through her sorrow. Then he spoke two words,

“Trust me.”

“I want to.” Charissa admitted her lack of ability to trust.

“Truly, trust me.” He pressed.

Charissa allowed her heart to express itself fully,

“But, I don’t understand. I really thought…. You had me love him. Why? If he was going to go away. I even asked for 50 more years to love him. I was sure you agreed to that.”

With a strange sadness, Jesus admitted,

“I did.”

“I don’t understand.” Charissa complained.

“I know.” Is all he said.

“But, I will trust you.” Charissa determined. “You’ve always made it better for me, when we go with your plan, instead of mine.”

The Lord of the Universe smiled,

“Thank you. I’ve got this, I promise.” He assured her.

Hugging her even closer, they watched the wind ripple over the water as that essence of rainbow Light flowed through the flowers around them.


Later in the week, Charissa danced with wild abandon at a rock concert, singing along with the music. A rough band played hard and the energy of the atmosphere was high. The concert was a benefit to raise money for a family of local military veterans.

From the stage, the lead singer called into his microphone,

“Thank you err’body! An’ have a good night!”

The music crescendo echoed, ending with great applause. Charissa then moved to the bar, pouring herself a drink from the free ice-water jug. The lead singer, Conrad, joined her with a big sweaty hug.

He greeted,

“Thanks for your email. I love hearing from you. It’s always just at the right time.”

“You’re welcome.” Charissa hugged her friend back, “How has your soul been since then?”

Conrad smiled and assured her,

“Better, when I know you’re sending peace our way.”

But, then he steered her to a slightly quieter corner, to ask,

“I was thinking you should really meet my mom. She’d love to talk to you about all that spiritual stuff.”

“I’d love that.” Charissa agreed.

Conrad then paused to broach a new topic,

“I was wondering… with all that stuff you hear… do you know… if you could tell me? Y’see, I was married a while ago and my wife got pregnant, but we lost the baby. It’s one of the reasons we ended up divorced. I’ve been torn up and only just starting to slowly enjoy life since then… I was wondering… Do you think you might know what sex the baby was?”

Charissa thought a moment, unsure,

“I don’t know, but I guess I could ask?”

“Would you?” he asked, hopefully.

Another fan interrupted them, and Conrad happily sighed their CD.

Then, turning back to Charissa, he gently urged,

“I would really appreciate it if you could?”

“I can always ask.” Charissa smiled.

Stepping away from the fans and walking outside, Charissa avoided the smokers with a saluting grin. Then, she sat on the curb quietly asking in her heart,

“I’ve never done this sort of thing before.”

Jesus sat next to her,

“You can always ask.” He winked.

“Will you tell me if Conrad had a baby son or a girl?” Charissa tested.

Jesus smiled and nodded his head in front of their vision. A glimpse into the heavenly realms opened up to reveal a small boy with sandy brown curls dashing about on toddly legs. He was playing with a soccer ball that seems too big for his little hands.

“Awww. He’s so sweet.” The woman cooed, “Does he have a name?”

“Not yet. You should ask Conrad to give his son a name.”

“Yay!” Charissa loved that idea.

She walked quickly back inside, making her way toward the band who were still signing CDs at the merch table. Hugging Conrad goodbye, she whispered in his ear,

“I have to head home now, but… I believe you have a son, and you as daddy, should give him a name.”

Conrad hugged her a little tighter,

“Thank you, so much.”

She giggled happily,

“Any time.”

They parted in the crowd: Conrad with a curious and thoughtful smile, Charissa breathing deeply as she walked to her car.

The mystical woman drove out of the parking lot with her music playing the local Christian station. She turned a corner toward a set of lights when suddenly the Grim Reaper figure of Death appeared on the right sidewalk just before the green light. He swung his scythe straight at Charissa. Seeing him with her spirit eyes, she quickly slammed on the brakes in shock.

A large semi-trailer careened through its red light and barely missed hitting Charissa, but for her stopping in time. Death was suddenly blinded by a brilliant spot light shining from above, directly upon him. He cringed in the light, backing away, as if it hurt.

Charissa stared at Death, yet he was no longer able see her behind the brilliance. The woman turned left at the lights and drove away unseen.

Back at home, Charissa entered her living room quite shaken. She sat in her comfy chair and panted a little. Rainbow light began swirling around her, soothing her ragged breathing.

“Come Holy Spirit, bring your peace.” She prayed.

The Light embraced her.

Charissa breathed calmly in the peace before whispering to no one in particular,

“I do believe I was supposed to die tonight.”

Jesus spoke quietly by her side,

“You asked for 50 more years and we agreed to that. Your new life starts tonight.”

Charissa smiled in wonder,

“Everything feels brand new, like I have no idea what is supposed to happen next.” She explained for her own clarification, “I mean, you often give me a sense of where I’m supposed to follow you, but now, I see only an empty white room.”

In her mind, the divine couple sat in that blank white room.

Jesus nodded his confirmation,

“Clean slate.”

Charissa whispered in a moment of awe and fear,

“It really was all supposed to end for me, tonight?”

Jesus extended his arm around her, encouraging,

“We had your place prepared and ready.”

“But now,” she breathed and stared at the whiteness around her, “it’s all brand new?”

“Mmmhmm,” the Divine Word of Elohim agreed.

“And, I can do anything I want from here?” Charissa asked hopefully.

Jesus guided her expectations,

“You know me well enough, now, to choose what you want. Your time with me has imprinted much of Our character on you. You can start to trust your choices as you walk in faith.”

Without hesitation Charissa expressed,

“I want to love You and all Your creation!” Then admitting her heart’s longing, she added, “I still want to love some-one. Honestly, now that I don’t have any one man to love, I confess, I feel a little lost without a specific prayer focus.”

“You have your friends.” Jesus pointed out.

“Yes, and I always cover them in prayer.” Charissa agreed, but then questioned the longing deep within, “But, I feel like I need a challenge to focus my effort on. Is that bad?”

Jesus laughed with adoration,

“I made you to love specifically. It’s what you are destined to always do.”

“But who?” the lover wondered.

“What about…” Her Redeemer paused.

“Yes?” Charissa was eager to hear.

“What about Trish?” Jesus dropped his bombshell.

“Trish?” Charissa thought about that a moment.

“Yeah.” He said, “I told you, she only has five more years to live. You could pray for her to live out her last days well.”

Charissa pushed the limits of her personal grace, seeking divine empowerment in that,

“If I got to love Ken, I would want to love him as long as possible. Can’t they get to love each other for longer than five years?”

Jesus stared at her in proud wonder, then asked,

“How long do you think they should get to love?”

The Holy rainbow Light then swirled before them and revealed a vision. Charissa saw a glimpse of Trish holding hands with Ken as they walked down a beach together. A Death reaper was following a few paces behind Trish, leaning toward her as if getting ready to touch her. Charissa’s heart seized in great concern.

Quickly she answered the Word of Life,

“Sixty years comes to mind first, but that would mean they’d both be over 100. They may not like that much. If it were me… I mean, I asked for 50 more year, so I’d have been 94 years before….”

A thought then occurred to the gracious woman,

“What if they get that 50 years?”

From the vision, Death then spoke,

“Are you giving her your 50 and taking her 5?”

The vision of Ken and Trish faded as Death stepped into the white room of Charissa’s mind and the whole place changed into a courtroom before the Judge of Eternal Creation.

Charissa suddenly realized the gravity of what she was asking.

In honesty, she confessed,

“I don’t want to die. I have far too much to do.”

Her Defense Attorney, Jesus, interrogated gently,

“Do you?”

“Yes, we have big plans, don’t we?” Charissa momentarily forgot her recently overturned death sentence.

She thought of all her dreams,

“I mean…”

But then she stopped and looked beyond her- Self, admitting,

“But, what if Trish has big plans, too.” She sighed, “What makes my plans more important than hers?”

Rocking back and forth in her defendant’s chair, she reconsidered,

“If I could love him.…” Looking at the Judge of Creation, then at Jesus her Mediator and Word of Life, she asked tentatively,

“They’d get the 50 years together, if I take the 5 years?”

Jesus nodded and clarified the case,

“That is the contract Death is proposing. You get to choose.”

Charissa held to some disappointment,

“Five years isn’t very long.”

Jesus then whispered in her ear,

“I changed the world, and the way Death operates, in only three years.”

With this new perspective, Charissa whispered a revelation back to him,

“Filtering yourself through my broken humanity, you could still get a lot done in five years, couldn’t you?”

Jesus nodded in their conferring,

“If you’re fully surrendered, there’s no limit to what we can do, together.”

Charissa raised her voice to speak to the whole court as she continued to pursue the higher understanding that formed in her mind,

“And Death is simply the completion and ending of things, right? Essentially, Death could help me complete and finish everything I need to get done in that time.”

Jesus smiled his “atta-girl” grin,

“All things are possible.”

With declaration, Charissa determined,

“Then, yes. I agree.”

A flash of light cracked in the room as the Judge of Creation banged a gavel. A contract agreement appeared in the center of the room rolled as a scroll.

The Defense Attorney and Redeemer King – Word of Life stood to take up the scroll. He handed it to Charissa, decreeing,

“This is yours, now.”

A sudden rush of adrenaline filled the woman as she took up her destiny and smiled,

“Ok. I’m kinda excited: to live like I was dying.”

Death retorted dryly,

Like nothing. You are dying, or you will be soon.” He grinned at her with sarcastic hunger.

Charissa blinked, suddenly in her living room chair, again. Death stood across the room from her.

She contemplated,

“So, we’re in this together now, huh?”

Death considered her,

“I’ve never seen anyone accept their sentence as freely as you just did.”

Charissa shrugged dismissively,

“I’ve been practicing being a channel of love. It’s habit now.”

“Your love is terrifying.” Death confessed his own fear.

“It’s not my love,” Charissa redirected him to the eternal Love of Creator.

Death suddenly crumbled and knelt before her.

“I need that love.” He bowed his head in prayer, “Please, forgive me and let me know this love, again.”

A sudden burst of light transformed Death from a grim reaper figure into a dazzling white Angel of Completion.

The restored Messenger of the Light cried out with joyful tears,

“Redeemed! I’ve been redeemed!” And he disappeared in another flash of light.

Charissa stood alone in her darkened room blinking skeptically,

“That seemed too easy.”

There was another crack and a second Grim Reaper appeared in the room.

Charissa stared confused,

“What happened, didn’t you just Angel out of here?”

“My predecessor is gone.” The second Death retorted. “I have to fill his office, now.”

“Death is an office?” Charissa pressed this revelation.

“What did you think it was?” the Reaper snarked at her.

“A being.” She responded honestly.

Death scoffed,

“At the rate humans die, you really thought there was only one Grim Reaper?”

“Well, I guess I never really thought one way or the other.” Charissa accepted, “Huh.”

Death changed the subject,

“I need to change, though. I don’t like this uniform. I’m more of a plain-clothes guy.”

“Ok.” Charissa said for a lack of any other answer.

Death spun around and changed appearance. When he turned back toward her, he was wearing the face of a well-known celebrity: Bradley Charming.

Charissa giggled,

“Bradley Charming? Why do you look like Bradley Charming?”

The Bradley Charming Death answered with great charm,

“I wanted to look more appealing for you. If we have to spend the next five years together, it might as well be pleasant for you…” he winked, “…while I’m killing you.”

Charissa teased back,

“If you wanted to appeal to me, why not Reeve Wick, or even better… Nikola Rocketman?

The Bradley Death disagreed,

“Oh, Wick is too dark. I want a lighter look. And, Rocketman… I don’t do Martians. Besides, I like Bradley’s smile.” He flashed a brilliant Bradley Charming smile.

Charissa chuckled mildly confused by her genuine appreciation,

“I am ok with that.”

Bradley Death channeled a millennial attitude,


With nothing further to add, Charissa said,

“I’m to bed then.” And she walked to her bedroom with Death following her.

Bradley Death asked sultrily,

“You want company?”

Charissa’s eyebrows shot up over even wider eyes,

“Ah. That’s just too weird, for even me.”

So, Death sat on the floor leaning against the bedside table.

“OK then.” He said. “Sleep tight.”

Death touched her arm affectionately and Charissa felt a twinge in her belly. She absentmindedly rubbed her tummy then rolled over to sleep.


**AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW** The rest of the story filled with even more wonder and questioning is available in short booklet form. So you can buy the book and read the second half of this revolutionary tale. Do buy the book and as many others of mine as you find interest. Check them out on my website Gregga J. Johnn & Story-in-the-Wings, or use your Google-fu to find me. I’m about.

PICTURE CREDIT: GJJ- Taken at an official Gregga J. Johnn Halloween event, “Usher’s Scary” at Usher’s Ferry Historic Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thanks to Chris Wenger for use of the sword.

Peace, Joy, and LOVE be with you. -GJJ


I share a dream I had in my sleeping, some months ago. Take from it what you will.


My dream in the night was of a primitive culture. I was an adventurous warrior in a culture on one side of a great mountain. We sought to find new lands of prosperity and mystery. I was appointed with two others to enter in the sacred mountain, for I had learned how to navigate the labyrinth within.

We began our journey in great darkness and narrow passageways. There was a single “vein” on the floor that looked like a narrow trough of molten lava, the color of blood. I followed that vein as my two companions followed me. At times the vein would disappear under solid rock walls. It was then that I learned to press in against the wall with all my intent and the wall slowly moved back to reveal the pathway of the blood-lava vein. We continued in great darkness; the only light coming from this narrow vein of molten blood lava. Like this, we strenuously journeyed a for many months. Pressing in against the mountain, I slowly shifted great weights of stone as we went, making our way through the twisting labyrinth.

In the end, we finally found a beam of light that signified an opening. We crept into what obviously looked like a holy ante-chamber of another temple carved into the rock. There were intricate barriers designed to let light in. We can see through these to a brand-new culture of people at worship. There are dancers praising and worshiping the mountain, while the congregation of people watched along, worshiping with them.

We sneak carefully around to get a better view. The whole village/township of this new culture is luxurious, peaceful, and similar in mystery to that of the ancient orient and Asian cities. We observed all like western European observers must have the first time they discovered the mystery of the East.

I decided we need to return to our people, without being discovered, for there was only three of us. But we could then lead all our people through the mountain to the wealth and beauty of this new place. As I gestured to the others to retreat in silence, one of them was discovered and we are all captured. I was taken to the High Priestess Princess feeling quite threatened and nervous for our lives. (At this time in my dream I believe I am in a male body.)

When put “on trial” and questioned as to my business, I pulled a small dagger from my person and suddenly held it to the throat of the Princess; she was not frightened. I establish my business as seeking new lands for my people. The Princess welcomed us and arranged for herself (as prisoner, for the dagger was not yet taken away from her throat) and two others of her people to come with us back into the mountain labyrinth. We were to return to my people and safely guide them all through the winding passageways. The Princess welcomed all my people to join their mysterious and beautiful new land.

We re-entered the mountain as a peaceful quest. During three days of journeying, (as is common in the fluid expression of dreams) my soul and spirit transferred to the Princess. I became her, and the male leader of the questing party became my intimate companion. We quickly made our way out of the mountain and found we’d not left the new beautiful and mysterious land. I was recognized as Priestess Princess of this gorgeous mountain village, filled with abundant luxury.

Suddenly, the whole town was alarmed and under attack from an outside spiritual force.

The Ancient Father Priest of the Village threw “magic” at four warriors that instantly turned them into brilliant, white clothed beings. They flew off to protect the village. We all moved to the center of the village grounds which was a well-protected, garden palace. It was the Sanctuary Grounds.

The Ancient of Days Father Priest gave very clear and distinct warning direction:

“Stay deep in the Sanctuary. Stay deep in the Sanctuary.”


Island Isolation and Castle Refurbishing


There has been much change and work going on in my Mind Palace for over a year now. I will pick up where I left off. Please note that I recognize how grandiose and self-focused these plans may seem. However, that is the point. This is the rebuilding of my life from wreck and ruins. So, where you now see much treasure and glory being created, this is occurring after years of desolation. I’m grateful to create beauty within.

***   ***   ***

Elohim is sharing much with me. My heart is at rest in matters material, more and more. I’m even sifting my perspective on Time and present moments lived, being of more value rather than pummeling on toward set goals As with all things a fluid balance is required.

The first curious change on the new/familiar island landscape, is the boarders of the whole island suddenly burst upwards in a complete ring of mountain volcanoes. There are only two small passages in and out of the central island now.

The first entry is a narrow tunnel, leading from a path that comes up from the fishing village, to a small cave. Inside the cave, the passageway looks clear, but there is a solid wall of transparent diamond blocking the way. If the heart of the one seeking thoroughfare is not greedy and they harbor no over-reaching desire to steal away any of the riches hidden in the island’s center, then the traveler may easily pass through the diamond barrier as if it were never there. But those seeking plunder will have no passage at all.

BE WARNED: do not venture through the barrier with a changeable heart, for if your greed comes upon you as you pass through, the diamond will enclose about you, where you stand – held there for always.

The second entry into the mountain circle is to sail through the small cave at the base of the light house peninsular — at low tide. However, once landed upon the wharf rocks the carved steps will walk you up to another diamond barrier, as well.

Unless you can fly, like the Ancient Golden Dragon who occupies the golden castle raised up on the highest summit of the mountain rings, there is no other entry to the island’s center. The mountain walls are sheer, grey cliffs on the outside. Stark and foreboding but for one glimpse of the gold castle atop, shining for all to see.

Once inside the ring of the mountains, the entire valley (with empty township) is lush and full of botanical gardens. The gem-fruits first grown in the castle courtyard have spread and any inner-island inhabitants are free to take seeds and cuttings to plant their own gem-fruit gardens.

The Castle itself, now raised up atop the mountain, is only accessible by flight (and one portal mentioned below). Yet, the invitation to be flown up on the back of a golden dragon is open should anyone ask. There is another dragon who visits. A black dragon sleeps in the basement dungeon levels, dreaming peacefully of a new life on its way.

The Castle’s central courtyard is still open, but there is a new hall built and crafted in living wood down the center of the wide, wild growing area. It’s a long Nordic-style hall and is filled with great fires and many skins and pillows to lounge upon, along with tables and chairs or benches to feast at. The top, north end of this hall replaces what was the ground floor dais in the open court.

This hall has stone roots grown down into its center that look like support arches for the whole structure. Yet, they hold up the greater Lighthouse Tower that rises over the middle. The smaller lighthouse that stands at the peninsular waterfall on the opposite side of the island to the fishing village, mirrors this greater one.

This castle Tower merged with and replaced the singular Lamp Post Tree that shone out the Presence of Heaven. The lamppost was embraced and absorbed by the tree that grew up from the diamond seed of a desire to love and be loved by one. It is a combination of the reflection of Elohim’s Presence and the growth of True Love’s desire. This Strong Tower of Refuge came down! Holy Spirit communion with Redeeming King Jesus, and Almighty Creator (Mother Father) have come down and set stone roots into the very center of my Sanctuary. “Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, [Christ beneath me, Christ above me,] Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me.” (Saint Patrick’s Breastplate Prayer)

There are four main doors that lead in and out of this central hall that extends north and south, east and west, in a cross formation, out from under the strong Tower of Jesus Christ. Beneath the tower, which is open for several stories up toward the Lighthouse’s shining Lamp entrance to the Light Dimension of the Courts of Heaven above. King Jesus sits upon His Mercy Seat next to the Throne of Almighty Creator.

At the base of the tower in the center of the Hall is a rib-high well of fire constantly burning in a circle of Praise, lighting up the sparks as a sacrifice of worship, forever rising to Elohim. This well is incased in that moss cover, illuminated with blue/white lotus lilies. There are steps from the floor to the top of the fire wall, curving around it.

Behind the fire well, on the north side is the Throne of Grace, upon which the Oracle presides as Queen over her island. Behind the throne is the North Door. It ever and only leads into the open corridor courtyard, like a veranda or portico all the way around the hall, inside the golden castle.

Opposite this, carved in great beams of wood (as all the doors and windows are) is the Great (double) South Door. This door is a portal. Exiting this door from the Golden Castle one steps out onto the lush green valley floor beside the township in the mountain valley. Entering the South Door from that valley, looks like a stone portal that stands alone on the hillside with the wooden doors that may stand open or locked closed, pending the availability of the court of the Queen.

The East and West door are portals, yet, they are something completely different. So, then the South door is a portal entry from the archway on the hillside in the mountain valley. The North door hidden behind the throne exits into the Golden castle from the Hall.

The East door opens inward revealing the Sunrise of Time and the birth of all things new. The West door opens outward onto the passing night of Time with death and the passing on or passing away of old things. That West door stands open right now, as does the East door and the cross breeze from East to West, new birthing to old passing away, is strong. It stirs up the fires and causes a chill in the air.

Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part Three

Part Three

As I was soaking in the Presence of Heaven, beneath the blue lamplight, upon the healing green fern, with its lily white and luminescent blue flowers:

Suddenly, there was a shaking and a large banyan-like tree burst up from the ground. It was the sudden blooming of the diamond seed. The trunk shot up and branches burst out and opened like flower petals.

A ball of brilliant light “hovered” over the open center of the tree, like a small moon over a nocturnal plant. One of the branches reached out and a hammock-like vine hung down. I sensed it beckoning me to lay within it.

I lay in the hammock, feeling much comfort. Then the “pod” began to close around me. I was startled at first. I became hidden in a chrysalis. Again, I was surprised, not concerned or afraid. Only, I’ve been in such a chrysalis before. I didn’t understand. Why again?

I raised my hands up before my face and suddenly saw they were golden claws. I emerged from the pod in the wondrous realization that now, I embodied a Golden Dragon. I’ve been familiar with this creature for a while.

I first met her sleeping beneath the volcano on my Island, at the very beginning of its creation. She huddled in slumber, deep in private chambers, the natural dungeon caverns of the volcano. These caverns were not lined with gold, they were holes in the gold mountain. The caverns were treasure troves, full of coins, wonders, and all manner of treasure pieces that you might imagine being in a dragon horde.

Jesus introduced me to her as she slept, she was Gregga J. Johnn, the scribe under whose name I wrote all my books. I wondered at the time, why she was a separate entity? I often visited her restful peace.

There was one meditation, many moments ago, where I recall her waking up and rising out of the caverns to fly around the island, out of reach. Occasionally, she would let me fly on her back in glorious exhilaration. Yet, she continued wild, untamed, and only on the edges of my influence.

Yet, here now, I was coming forth out of a chrysalis AS THE GOLDEN DRAGON.

The timing of this gloriously aligned in the physical realm with the legal changing of my name to Gregga-Joy Johnn. I was flabbergasted and in awe.

This shifter-druid feline, with three separate sets of wings, is recreated: DRAGON BORN!    [Read my story Tales of the Trevel if you want to see more of the feline character.]

There is a mantle of Royalty and Nobility that comes with this great power. I was in awe; feeling this new sensation.

In feminine form, as I could shift to appear as a human woman, I am the single Queen of my Island, where this newer Castle has re-manifested upon my original island, only further in, yet deeper still, into another dimension; layer upon layer of experience, shifting deeper and deeper, folding in upon itself.

And there is more!

On the back coastline of my island, there is now a fishing village down on the cove. AND, there is a farming township snuggled around the walls of my castle… but it’s almost empty. No one lives there, yet. There are beautiful homes, a full market and business place, but they all wait for residents. They wait for my fans to come in and join my community… Where are you? Come and dream with me.

As the dragon, I turned around in my court-yard garden, roaring and breathing out a fiery white rainbow flame. As I roar, the boundaries of the castle push out and are enlarged, expanding exponentially, to fit my newer, greater size. The fire, however, does not destroy. Everything it touches suddenly blooms in abundance.

I try something.

I fly out to the empty township around the Castle and breath fire onto all the wood and plaster structures. Everything transforms. All that is temporary becomes permanent: shining precious metals, studded with gemstones bloom through. Instead of a rustic, empty town: a precious collection of ridiculously abundant and wealthy buildings shine.

Returning to my very large castle, I shift from dragon form, back into feminine form and walk down to the fishing village, wandering from the township, across the hillside, and on down to the cove. I meander through that market place among the villagers. Everyone knows me and we greet each other amiably, as these are “my people”. It’s idyllic and beautiful.

I continue down to the pier that juts out into the cove waters.

I feel my heart reaching out, yearning for the Guardian King of my Heart. Falling forward, I dive off the pier, shifting back into the Golden dragon underwater. I spin and dive in the waters, swimming around the cove, then bursting up out of the blue liquid again, flying over the fishing village.

Drops of water fall off my scales and drip onto the village below. Where the water falls, it lands softly, but then solidifies into diamonds. The villagers cheer with delight. So, I fly back around and breathe the glourious white raninbow fire upon everything. At first their shock is full of fright. But then, the village is transformed from simple peasanty into luxurious wealth, bursting with abundance. It was amazing.

I returned to the castle of this beautiful, perfectly idyllic island. And walked along the walls of my courtyard. I saw something in the distance from my look out.

A galleon appeared on the horizon, sailing directly for the cove…

Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part Two

Part Two

Events in the physical realm that align with these moments involve loving another, yet seeing him depart on his own needed journey of discovery. Rather than cling to what was, or let go of what is, I buried it for a time, waiting patiently to see what might come forth. Serving as I wait. Loving as I wait. Patiently living in Joy, under the Presence of Elohim.

In the visions of my Mind Palace, as I soak in the Blue Light, the very Presence of Elohim in His Kingdom of Heaven, I saw a bud grow up like a fern, from out of the dirt. The fresh light soaked on the green, tender shoot. It uncurled and became fronds of a dark, thick, healing ground cover.

Each time, I was tested to the core and came out victorious over the course of my life, a flower grew in conjunction with that, like a lotus lily. Its petals were soft white with a luminescent center that glowed blue, against the dark green fern, reflecting the Presence of Heaven, shining from the lamppost that stood above it.

This fern ground cover sprouted from the golden light bulb (my heart’s love), contained in the box with True Love. The seed of the diamond (my desire to love and be loved in return) had yet to sprout. Obviously, it being harder, it will take longer to die and be reborn, to then sprout into new life.

I watch and wait eagerly. All the while resting on the ground beneath the lamp post in my private garden of abundance. The ground cover fern slowly grows (from the past), around (the present) and under me (to come).

I soak in the Presence, allowing the grime of daily living, and the stains of past choices to dissolve in the Presence of Jesus, Elohim.

Let me drip and shine to reflect only Your


Amen & AMEN

Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part One

Much has happened on my island since last I wrote of the Golden Castle, the Doorway, and what was on the Other side. That doorway took me to a completely new place that, in the wonder of Paradox, was deeply familiar in being the same.

Jesus stood me in the center of my new familiar courtyard, in the Castle of my mind, that place layered in gold with a luxurious gem-fruit garden, but in a newer dimension of more clarity and expansion. I could re-craft this castle any way I wanted.

Instead of the simple rectangular form, with one bower apartment, I raised up four turrets. Each turret was the corner stone of a wide and generous walking wall that ran in circular curves around the large central open court. Yet, they weren’t just staircase towers. These turrets were full sized, six storied apartments that included a roof-top garden and secret basement rooms. I kept one, the south-west one, on the left side of the front gate, as my own private chambers. The other three, I made room and set up in the heart of my life for my sons, as they grow into young men needing their own space. This way, my mema heart always holds her beloved sons near, yet I do so respecting their privacy and need to develop their own lives. These are simply the places in my heart where they may always visit and come home to, from their own journeying.

The central court remains open to the sky with all of nature filling, spilling over, and running through. There is a lamp post in the center of my jeweled court yard garden. This lamp has been lit with a golden light bulb of love. I have now taken this light bulb out and replaced it with a blue sapphire light; representing the very Presence of the very Holy God, in His Kingdom of Heaven.

I took the golden light bulb of my love and a pure-fresh picked diamond that is fully grown and harvested. This diamond is my desire for True Love; all my longing to love one husband and to be loved by one husband, in return.

I took this golden light bulb and this diamond (being my love and my desire for True Love) and I buried them together at the base of the lamp post. All my love, I compressed and compartmentalized into a golden glowing wood-box. In this box is the lightbulb and the diamond. I closed them all up together, then removed them from my beating, bleeding heart, and buried them beneath the lamp post, of the Presence of Heaven.

My heart had an empty place left over. Yet, I bask under the Lamppost and fill all of myself with the blue light, of the Presence of Heaven. And I am filled. We shall see what will grow from this planting.

ringsIn this physical realm, I want to re-begin wearing my family heirloom engagement ring and the old tri-circled (antique Russian) wedding ring that my mum gave me. They are physical symbols of my commitment to the Triune God and my engagement in loving all of His Creation, (while I wait to see what grows).

I will ferociously love my Elohim, set apart solely for Him, in this season;

In the service of loving all His creation, with the power of purity- in the love and Authority of Jesus Christ, the Name of Jesus, and the Authority of Heaven:

Thy Will be done on Earth, in the same way, it is done in Heaven.

To bring down, to dwell in, and to manifest Heaven on Earth, in all my living.

Amen & AMEN



I awoke this morning after wading through insomnia last night. I was up into the early, dark hours of the night, with one concern on my heart. I prayed through four hours of bathing my concerns in love and the power of Divine Love.

After a few hours of sleep, dreams of washing concerns away, and the death of past ways of living, filled my heart. Yet, my soul was troubled, deeply. When I awoke into the new morning, my heart continued troubled.

I moved through my morning routine, pressing in to the Presence of Jesus. I sang worship and praise songs, carrying music with me through all my farm chores. (The animals love it when I play music and sing around them.)

When I made my way inside, again, I continued in meditation, clinging to the Presence of a good, Good Father in Heaven. There was a rumbling in my heart and I felt much disruption within. Still, I clung to the goodness of God; King of my Heart. He is so good.

My meditation practice incorporates physical movement similar to the strenuous stretching and breathing of yoga. After working my muscles for a short while, in a moment of physical and emotional exhaustion, I rolled over onto my back, and thence began my vision….


I saw a great, hand-held pick axe: Heaven’s Digger. No visible hand held it. It descended quickly upon me, too quick for me to be afraid. I simply watched as it swung down onto my chest. The sharp end dug into my heart. Instantly, it burst backwards as a sudden burst of golden oil exploded up, out of my heart.

I heard the words,


The turbulence in my heart boiled and bubbled over, spraying all around me. I saw the faces of those closest to my heart all drenched in this golden oil.

IT WAS THE GLORY OF HEAVEN. The Oil of Joy for mourning! The fuel of Heaven, God’s Glory, spewed out of my heart and the disruption in my soul settled down as the flow glugged to a slow and steady bubbling. Golden oil spread all about me, seeping into everything it touched.

I bathed in the Glory, the Presence of Heaven. And all who drew closer to me, were made wet and covered by this Oil of Heaven’s Glory. AMEN.