Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part One

Much has happened on my island since last I wrote of the Golden Castle, the Doorway, and what was on the Other side. That doorway took me to a completely new place that, in the wonder of Paradox, was deeply familiar in being the same.

Jesus stood me in the center of my new familiar courtyard, in the Castle of my mind, that place layered in gold with a luxurious gem-fruit garden, but in a newer dimension of more clarity and expansion. I could re-craft this castle any way I wanted.

Instead of the simple rectangular form, with one bower apartment, I raised up four turrets. Each turret was the corner stone of a wide and generous walking wall that ran in circular curves around the large central open court. Yet, they weren’t just staircase towers. These turrets were full sized, six storied apartments that included a roof-top garden and secret basement rooms. I kept one, the south-west one, on the left side of the front gate, as my own private chambers. The other three, I made room and set up in the heart of my life for my sons, as they grow into young men needing their own space. This way, my mema heart always holds her beloved sons near, yet I do so respecting their privacy and need to develop their own lives. These are simply the places in my heart where they may always visit and come home to, from their own journeying.

The central court remains open to the sky with all of nature filling, spilling over, and running through. There is a lamp post in the center of my jeweled court yard garden. This lamp has been lit with a golden light bulb of love. I have now taken this light bulb out and replaced it with a blue sapphire light; representing the very Presence of the very Holy God, in His Kingdom of Heaven.

I took the golden light bulb of my love and a pure-fresh picked diamond that is fully grown and harvested. This diamond is my desire for True Love; all my longing to love one husband and to be loved by one husband, in return.

I took this golden light bulb and this diamond (being my love and my desire for True Love) and I buried them together at the base of the lamp post. All my love, I compressed and compartmentalized into a golden glowing wood-box. In this box is the lightbulb and the diamond. I closed them all up together, then removed them from my beating, bleeding heart, and buried them beneath the lamp post, of the Presence of Heaven.

My heart had an empty place left over. Yet, I bask under the Lamppost and fill all of myself with the blue light, of the Presence of Heaven. And I am filled. We shall see what will grow from this planting.

ringsIn this physical realm, I want to re-begin wearing my family heirloom engagement ring and the old tri-circled (antique Russian) wedding ring that my mum gave me. They are physical symbols of my commitment to the Triune God and my engagement in loving all of His Creation, (while I wait to see what grows).

I will ferociously love my Elohim, set apart solely for Him, in this season;

In the service of loving all His creation, with the power of purity- in the love and Authority of Jesus Christ, the Name of Jesus, and the Authority of Heaven:

Thy Will be done on Earth, in the same way, it is done in Heaven.

To bring down, to dwell in, and to manifest Heaven on Earth, in all my living.

Amen & AMEN


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