Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part Three

Part Three

As I was soaking in the Presence of Heaven, beneath the blue lamplight, upon the healing green fern, with its lily white and luminescent blue flowers:

Suddenly, there was a shaking and a large banyan-like tree burst up from the ground. It was the sudden blooming of the diamond seed. The trunk shot up and branches burst out and opened like flower petals.

A ball of brilliant light “hovered” over the open center of the tree, like a small moon over a nocturnal plant. One of the branches reached out and a hammock-like vine hung down. I sensed it beckoning me to lay within it.

I lay in the hammock, feeling much comfort. Then the “pod” began to close around me. I was startled at first. I became hidden in a chrysalis. Again, I was surprised, not concerned or afraid. Only, I’ve been in such a chrysalis before. I didn’t understand. Why again?

I raised my hands up before my face and suddenly saw they were golden claws. I emerged from the pod in the wondrous realization that now, I embodied a Golden Dragon. I’ve been familiar with this creature for a while.

I first met her sleeping beneath the volcano on my Island, at the very beginning of its creation. She huddled in slumber, deep in private chambers, the natural dungeon caverns of the volcano. These caverns were not lined with gold, they were holes in the gold mountain. The caverns were treasure troves, full of coins, wonders, and all manner of treasure pieces that you might imagine being in a dragon horde.

Jesus introduced me to her as she slept, she was Gregga J. Johnn, the scribe under whose name I wrote all my books. I wondered at the time, why she was a separate entity? I often visited her restful peace.

There was one meditation, many moments ago, where I recall her waking up and rising out of the caverns to fly around the island, out of reach. Occasionally, she would let me fly on her back in glorious exhilaration. Yet, she continued wild, untamed, and only on the edges of my influence.

Yet, here now, I was coming forth out of a chrysalis AS THE GOLDEN DRAGON.

The timing of this gloriously aligned in the physical realm with the legal changing of my name to Gregga-Joy Johnn. I was flabbergasted and in awe.

This shifter-druid feline, with three separate sets of wings, is recreated: DRAGON BORN!    [Read my story Tales of the Trevel if you want to see more of the feline character.]

There is a mantle of Royalty and Nobility that comes with this great power. I was in awe; feeling this new sensation.

In feminine form, as I could shift to appear as a human woman, I am the single Queen of my Island, where this newer Castle has re-manifested upon my original island, only further in, yet deeper still, into another dimension; layer upon layer of experience, shifting deeper and deeper, folding in upon itself.

And there is more!

On the back coastline of my island, there is now a fishing village down on the cove. AND, there is a farming township snuggled around the walls of my castle… but it’s almost empty. No one lives there, yet. There are beautiful homes, a full market and business place, but they all wait for residents. They wait for my fans to come in and join my community… Where are you? Come and dream with me.

As the dragon, I turned around in my court-yard garden, roaring and breathing out a fiery white rainbow flame. As I roar, the boundaries of the castle push out and are enlarged, expanding exponentially, to fit my newer, greater size. The fire, however, does not destroy. Everything it touches suddenly blooms in abundance.

I try something.

I fly out to the empty township around the Castle and breath fire onto all the wood and plaster structures. Everything transforms. All that is temporary becomes permanent: shining precious metals, studded with gemstones bloom through. Instead of a rustic, empty town: a precious collection of ridiculously abundant and wealthy buildings shine.

Returning to my very large castle, I shift from dragon form, back into feminine form and walk down to the fishing village, wandering from the township, across the hillside, and on down to the cove. I meander through that market place among the villagers. Everyone knows me and we greet each other amiably, as these are “my people”. It’s idyllic and beautiful.

I continue down to the pier that juts out into the cove waters.

I feel my heart reaching out, yearning for the Guardian King of my Heart. Falling forward, I dive off the pier, shifting back into the Golden dragon underwater. I spin and dive in the waters, swimming around the cove, then bursting up out of the blue liquid again, flying over the fishing village.

Drops of water fall off my scales and drip onto the village below. Where the water falls, it lands softly, but then solidifies into diamonds. The villagers cheer with delight. So, I fly back around and breathe the glourious white raninbow fire upon everything. At first their shock is full of fright. But then, the village is transformed from simple peasanty into luxurious wealth, bursting with abundance. It was amazing.

I returned to the castle of this beautiful, perfectly idyllic island. And walked along the walls of my courtyard. I saw something in the distance from my look out.

A galleon appeared on the horizon, sailing directly for the cove…


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