Mind Palace Island Expansion: Part Two

Part Two

Events in the physical realm that align with these moments involve loving another, yet seeing him depart on his own needed journey of discovery. Rather than cling to what was, or let go of what is, I buried it for a time, waiting patiently to see what might come forth. Serving as I wait. Loving as I wait. Patiently living in Joy, under the Presence of Elohim.

In the visions of my Mind Palace, as I soak in the Blue Light, the very Presence of Elohim in His Kingdom of Heaven, I saw a bud grow up like a fern, from out of the dirt. The fresh light soaked on the green, tender shoot. It uncurled and became fronds of a dark, thick, healing ground cover.

Each time, I was tested to the core and came out victorious over the course of my life, a flower grew in conjunction with that, like a lotus lily. Its petals were soft white with a luminescent center that glowed blue, against the dark green fern, reflecting the Presence of Heaven, shining from the lamppost that stood above it.

This fern ground cover sprouted from the golden light bulb (my heart’s love), contained in the box with True Love. The seed of the diamond (my desire to love and be loved in return) had yet to sprout. Obviously, it being harder, it will take longer to die and be reborn, to then sprout into new life.

I watch and wait eagerly. All the while resting on the ground beneath the lamp post in my private garden of abundance. The ground cover fern slowly grows (from the past), around (the present) and under me (to come).

I soak in the Presence, allowing the grime of daily living, and the stains of past choices to dissolve in the Presence of Jesus, Elohim.

Let me drip and shine to reflect only Your


Amen & AMEN


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